Rob Harmon teaches 8th grade Career & Tech and GTT you can contact him at

Ed Coyle also teaches GTT he may be contacted at

Career and Tech

This course is designed to promote critical thinking and problem solving skills using hands-on applications.  Students also will work collaboratively to design and build a variety of projects.  Students learn to use precise measurements to create technical drawings from orthgraphic and isometric perspectives.  They will also design, build, and test a trebuchet working in teams.  Students use their drawing background and their ability to measure when they create a bandsaw box made from wood, which is taken home upon completion.  Students also learn about the history of manufacturing and manufacturing processes utilized to create goods.


Gateway to Technology (GTT)

Gateway to Technology's cutting edge program addresses the interest and energy of middle school students, while incorporating national standards in math, science and technology.  GTT is "activity oriented" to show students how technology is used in engineering to solve everyday problems.