P.E & Health

P.E & Health


  • Rich Duensing - Athletic Director
  • Kelly Zimmerman - Team Leader
  • Rachel Williams
  • Greg Born
  • Sean Masoncup
  • Jim Roche
  • Ashley Gutshall - Health


Haines Middle School continues to strive for the highest quality education for its students. This philosophy is reflected in the Physical Education Department in several ways. One way, in particular, is the attention given to the Health Program. Within the yearlong Physical Education program, each grade level will break out for six weeks of Health.

The District #303 Middle School Health teachers have invested many hours developing a middle school curriculum that meets both District and State of Illinois standards in Health and Wellness. By the time your child graduates from Haines Middle School, they will have completed the eighteen weeks of Health required by the state.

The Health curriculum covers the following topics:

Sixth Grade: Social Interactions, Nutrition and Suicide/Depression

Seventh Grade: Body Systems, The Endocrine System, and Suicide/Depression

Eighth Grade: Drug Education, Abstinence, and Suicide/Depression


Physical Education/Health Staff

Contact: Ms. Ashley Gutshall Ashley.Gutshall@d303.org

Physical Education Department

PE/HEALTH STAFF: Mr. Born Gregory.Born@d303.org, Mr. Duensing Richard.Duensing@d303.org, Ms. Gutshall Ashley.Gutshall@d303.org, Mr. Masoncup Sean.Masoncup@d303.org, Mr. Roche James.Roche@d303.org, Mrs. Zimmerman Kelly.Zimmerman@d303.org, Mrs. Rachel Williams Rachel.Williams@d303.org


The goal of the Physical Education Department is to provide an environment that:

Increases overall understanding of lifelong wellness.

Meets and exceeds state standards.

Develops sportsmanship.

Emphasizes student leadership and teamwork skills.

Teaches skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities.



All students are expected to:

Be on time for class

Respect other students

Respect facilities and equipment. (including: lockers, locks, clothing, towels, etc.)


No spray deodorant or cologne

Keep lockers locked at all times

No running


If your child is sick or injured, they will be excused from class with a note from a parent or the school nurse. This note is good for three days, if the child is going to be out longer than three days a note from the doctor is needed.