News for Today

Track athletes that did not submit an order form yet must turn in late order forms by noon on Monday or they will not get a uniform. Permission slips need to be in by the end of next week along with a physical form, insurance waiver, sports fee and emergency form before practice begins April 3rd. If you are missing any of these items you will not be able to participate until they are submitted. You can check with your coaches if you are not sure - Mrs. Potter for 7th-grade girls, Mr. Petersen for 7th-grade boys, Mrs. Goettel for 8th-grade girls, Mrs. Zimmerman for 8th-grade boys, or Mr. McCarron for any grade level or gender.

Bring your dollar to lunch today for a St. Patrick’s Day treat... a BIG SHAMROCK COOKIE!!

No after school activities for today. Saturday is the Northshore Band Festival and Chick Chat for 6th grade girls at Wredling.