News for Today

All future football players interested in meeting Coach Pomazak from St. Charles North please head to the gym at 7:55 tomorrow morning, or whenever you bus arrives at school.

The 7th grade girls A team won 41 to 9 last night against the Wredling RedHawks. Nice job ladies!

The 7th grade girls B team defeated the Redhawks 14 to 6. Nice job ladies! Good luck against Geneva on Thursday!

The 8th grade girls “A” team won another game in overtime as they defeated Wredling 27-20.

ALL PE CLASSES SHOULD BRING THEIR CHROMEBOOKS TO PE CLASS TODAY. You will not be changing for class. Please meet in the gym.

Are you looking for your next 5K race?  Check out East High School’s HOPE Hustle on April 23rd!  The goal of this 5K is to bring the St. Charles community together and focus on promoting positivity through teamwork, as well as promoting suicide prevention efforts and awareness. Learn more and register on STCE’s website. 

This week’s Fuel feature in the lunchroom is Moroccan Chicken Tagine! It’s a bean and chicken dish with raisins and Moroccan spices. Explore your taste buds!! We will be having samples, taste and enjoy!!

No after school activities for today.