Homework Lab

After School Homework Lab   

Our goal at Haines is to ensure the success of all students and Homework Lab will serve as an intervention for students to help foster homework completion skills and academic responsibility. 

Homework Lab will be offered and held after school on both, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. in room 111 (The North Computer Lab).  A district Activity Bus will offer students the option to be transported to their “home elementary school” by bus after Homework Lab.

If a student is missing one or more assignments from two or more classes, academic teams will submit that student’s name and missing work to the Homework Lab Coordinators. If your child has been referred to Homework Lab, you will be notified at the beginning of the week in order to determine your child’s attendance for that week’s sessions.

When students are referred for homework completion assistance, they are typically recommended on a week by week basis.  If a student does not meet the criteria and would like to attend Homework Lab to receive assistance on homework or have a quiet place to do homework, students are more than welcome to attend on their own. Homework Lab is not designed to be a punishment for students.  Attending Homework Lab will help ensure that students receive the assistance they need to build skills that will serve them throughout their academic careers.