Haines Clubs

Students who participate in the overall “school community” are more likely than others to be successful in all aspects of their education.
Our co-curricular offerings provide opportunities for a wide variety of individual and team growth.

It is expected that students participating in co-curricular activities will maintain passing grades in required subjects and demonstrate exemplary behavior in and out of their selected activities. Joining an activity is a commitment; regular attendance is required.

Students participating in after school co-curricular activities are required to provide their own transportation home. However, an Activity Bus is provided on Tuesdays and Thursdays for those students staying after school. For route information, please click here →Activity Bus.
There is a one time $25.00 Participation Fee to be paid for all clubs, including after school choral, orchestra, band and theater groups.
Information about the start of activities will be given out via Daily Announcements and the Friday Forecast.

Following is a list of clubs.
Clubs may be added or deleted as student and faculty interest is determined.

AMBASSADORS - Mrs. Gary & Mrs. Swanson
The Ambassador Club includes 6th, 7th and 8th graders who were chosen during their 6th grade year for demonstrating exemplary leadership qualities.  Since these students are expected to be a positive representation of Haines throughout middle school, there is a defined application process and a very select group of students are chosen. Ambassadors meet each month in preparation for various all school events including the 5th grade transition, Back to School Night and Parent Night.  

ART CLUB - Mrs. Wennemar  Art Club is open to seventh and eighth graders interested in developing their abilities.  We will paint canvasses to hang in the hallways and complete a glass mosaic if time permits.  Students meet twice a month after school on Tuesday from 3:30-4:15.  Art Club students also help curate and hang the artwork on display during the Fine Arts Gala at the end of the school year.

BUSINESS CLUB - Mr. Finn & Mr. Otterby  The Business Club manages the operations of the school store. It is responsible for the purchasing, marketing, accounting and sales of the product. Click here for the Business Club calendar←

CHESS CLUB - Mr. Otterby  Click here for the Chess Club calendar←

CODING CLUB - Mrs. Passini

The Coding Club is open to all students who enjoy or would like to find out if they enjoy Computer Science. Students will learn basic coding with hands-on experience.

HOMEWORK LAB - Mrs. Schmidt, Mrs. Grabowski, Ms. Clavelli & Mrs. Voreis

Who attends Homework Lab 

  • If a student is missing one or more assignments from two or more classes, teams will submit that student’s name and missing work to the After School Homework Lab coordinators. If your child has been assigned to the Homework Lab, you will be notified by Wednesday afternoon if your child will need to attend that week’s Homework Lab.
  • Any student is welcome to join us for Homework Lab to have a quiet place to study, receive assistance on homework, etc.

H.O.P.E. - Angie Marx & Ashley Gutshall

FUEL UP TO PLAY 60-Mrs. Zimmerman & Mrs. Williams 

MATH CLUB - Mr. Limberis

MATH CLUB is an extracurricular mathematics club for 6th, 7 th and 8 th graders who enjoy logic and math puzzles. Students explore non-routine math problems in a relaxed atmosphere. Competitions are held at county, state and national levels.

Mrs. Mastalski

Haines Middle School offers opportunities for Vocal Music to all students. There are three grade level Choirs, one each for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. These Choirs meet during the school day, opposite the students’ lunch hour. Students can choose to participate in both vocal and instrumental music if they so desire, with the directors working out a rehearsal schedule conducive to all participants. Choir is graded in a pass/fail basis.

The Haines Middle School Choirs participate in two yearly concerts. Additional opportunities for performance include participation in the Illinois Grade School Music Association District and State Choir Contests. Students are also encouraged to participate in the IGSMA Solo and Ensemble Contest.

In addition to the above grade level Choirs, Haines offers a non-auditioned boys group, “Boys in Black.” This Choir meets before school, one day a week. “Boys in Black” is open to any 6th, 7th, or 8th grade boy who is interested in singing. Members must also be enrolled in their grade level Choir.

For the student who is interested in additional opportunities in performance, Haines offers an auditioned mixed group, “Honors Choir.” This Choir meets before school, one day a week. The singers also attend sectionals one day a week, before school. Concert Choir is open to any Choir student who wants to go through the audition process and make the rehearsal commitment.

JAZZ BAND - Mr. Swenson & Mr. Blank

Opportunities for band-related experiences beyond the classroom include solo and ensemble contest and the Jazz program. The Jazz program at Haines includes our auditioned Jazz Ensemble (made up of 7th and 8th graders) and our Jazz Lab bands that give opportunities to students of any grade the chance to learn about the styles of Jazz music. Jazz groups rehearse outside the school day.


Student members of the photography club are instructed how to take photographs, which will be used in the school yearbook. Cameras are provided by our school.


7th and 8th graders interested in the robotics club will design, build, and compete with robots here at Haines.


The Rocket Club is open to any 7th or 8th grade student, regardless of experience. We will build, design, and fly model rockets of all sizes and complexities depending on your experience. Students will be able to apply basic scientific principles of rocket construction and flight to improve their model rocket skills.

SNOWFLAKE - Mrs. Keane

Snowflake is a leadership organization that focuses on building leadership skills and healthy decision-making. Snowflake helps students make positive peer and adult connections and gives them a place where they can be themselves.

STUDENT COUNCIL - Mrs. Goettel & Mr. Montgomery

All students vote in their classroom for a representative and an alternate for Student Council. The representatives then vote for officers. Student Council raises money for Haines through fundraisers such as the candy cane and carnation sales. The council also promotes fundraisers for charities such as the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Each year Student Council participates in the annual Electric Parade in St. Charles. The council promotes school spirit by planning Spirit Days as well as provides opportunities for all students to get involved in services that benefit the school and community.

TEK (Teachers Encouraging Kids)

TEK is a homegrown program that bonds students, parents and community into a dynamic educational family. It provides a framework for staff mentor relationships with students, as well as staff sponsored activities for students. Activities the TEK program has sponsored in the past include, but are not limited to:

  • Broadway Plays
  • Bulls Basketball Game
  • Cubs Baseball Game
  • Snow Tubing Trip
  • Fabulous Facials for girls
  • Pizza/Ice Cream parties
  • Student/Teacher lunches
  • DeKalb Corn Maze
  • Tour de Fox-Bike Trip
  • Funway Roller Skating
  • Seasonal Celebrations

Information regarding TEK activities can be obtained through the website, various Friday Forecasts and by contacting the Haines Office.

Mrs. Pogge - Director
Mrs. Franklin & Ms. Toledano- Technical Asst./Costumes & Props
Mrs. Mastalski & Ms. Shield- Drama Musical

Haines will have its own fall play and spring musical. A pit orchestra may be included in one of these shows. Students who audition for performance roles should be prepared to commit a great deal of after school time; backstage, costume crews and pit orchestras slightly less time. All students must commit to a "Tech Week" during which rehearsals are from 5-9 p.m. every night on stage.

YEARBOOK - Mr. Harmon & Ms Hoffmann

Each year a number of students and their advisor assemble the yearbook. Students help with layout and copy (stories). Yearbooks are paid for during registration and are distributed to students the last week of school.

PARENT TEACHER ORGANIZATION(PTO)-click here to go to PTO webpage

Haines Middle School has a very active Parent/Teacher Organization. This group hopes to do much through the course of the year to enhance our school program. They sponsor programs of significance to parents, students, and staff and provide many opportunities of service for parents wishing to become more involved in the school. Among the variety of PTO supported programs are the Haines Family School Bulletin, The Principal Coffees, Family Orientations, Book Fair, Teacher Appreciations, Student Directory, Honors Breakfasts and the Graduation Reception. Parent education and increased communication between home and school are goals of the PTO.

The PTO Board usually holds meetings the first Tuesday of each month at 10am in the Learning Center at Haines. All Haines parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Please feel free to call the Haines Office at any time for more information. Families are urged to contribute $15.00 per family to help offset costs for this service organization.